• Kate Hutchins

Self Care: Looking After Your Mind


If you follow my Instagram you will know I recently lost my cat of 15 years. He has been my best little friend since the day I got him on my 7th birthday, so losing him has broken my heart. I have actively had to practise self care to protect my mental health and keep my spirits high. Doing so, has inspired me to share some of my self-care tips with you guys. I hope you enjoy! Love, K x

Be selfish

You have to suddenly decide to put yourself first. That can mean canceling plans, taking a day off work, or deciding just to switch your phone off for the day. I have always believed if you fill yourself up with love and happiness first, you will then be able to give it back to others after, making the world a better place in return. So sometimes being selfish isn't as bad as it seems.

Create a calming space

The space around us has an effect on the way we feel, whether we realise it or not! I always feel so much better when I am sat in a peaceful, perfectly tidied room lit with candles and filled with lovely scents. I also find the act of cleaning and tiding very theraputic, and often helps to take my mind off things.

Prioritise what makes you happy

For me, the things which make me instantly happy are; long horse rides in the park, FaceTiming my family or eating chocolate in bed with a cup of tea whilst watching Desperate Housewives. They are simple things which put me in my happy place. Try writing a list of things which make you happy, so whenever you need it a little boost, you have your list readily available! I have a list of 10 in my notes app, it comes in very handy!

Pamper yourself!

Although I have been speaking about mental health self care, I do think that if you take care of the external, this has a knock on effect on the internal. Indulging in things like hair masks, facemasks and a good exfoliate, shave and moisturise will make anyone feel amazing.

Get a little zen

Practising yoga and meditation has really helped me during times I have felt low. Yoga is a brilliant way of getting exercise in whilst being mindful and focusing on breathing to relax both body and mind. I like to follow YouTube classes such as Boho Beautiful and Yoga with Adrienne. Meditation is something that can be a little daunting if you are not familiar with it, however its not as scary as it seems I promise! I personally like to follow guided meditations (theres hundreds on YouTube) Because they keep me on track and give me a bit of structure to the session. I always feel a sense of clarity and a rush of positivity after a good meditation session - so if you haven’t tried it, give it a go!

Allow yourself to feel the way you feel

Giving yourself a break to just accept your emotions and to ride the wave, does the world of good. Suppressing those feelings will never get rid of them, they will only come back in a different form of emotion. If you are not sure exactly how you are feeling, try free writing by just popping anything that comes into your head down on to a piece of paper or in a journal.

Extra Gratitude!

You guys are probably sick of me talking about gratitude but it is one of those tiny things you can do daily to improve your mental well being! Focusing on what you have, rather than what you don't, will always leave your heart full and mind at peace. I try write down at least 3 things everyday which I am grateful for, when I am feeling low I try increase this to 10. For example, when I lost my cat I tried to centre my gratitude around the loss. Although it was a sad experience for me, there is always positives you can draw from these situations. So if a particular thing is on your mind, try drawing out why you are grateful for it.